Can Covid-19 Affect Your Dental Health?

December 21, 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many studies have linked the virus to numerous conditions affecting our health. Recently, there have been studies associating dental problems with Covid-19. For people prioritizing their oral health, this is a source of concern. While not everyone reported oral issues, some experts believe there is a significant link between the two.

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Your teeth are an essential part of your life. When you experience dental problems, it can affect every aspect of your day. As more variants of Covid-19 arise, we may find out more about how this virus affects our teeth. But, for now, here are some things being reported.

Ways Covid-19 Affects Your Teeth

Due to the virus’ severity, scientists have conducted numerous kinds of research. In a recent report, experts linked gum disease to this virus. Gum disease is an infection that affects the gum and may damage the jaw in severe cases. Additionally, it affects the teeth’s structure while damaging tissues around the gum area.

In most situations, gum disease occurs due to neglect of dental hygiene, which means irregularly brushing or flossing. Alternatively, experts found that people with severe gum disease were more likely to die from coronavirus, as an infection was already in their bodies, weakening their ability to fight off other infections.


Covid-19 has also increased our stress levels, which indirectly affects oral health. Increased stress levels cause numerous health challenges, from hypertension to anxiety, and now experts believe it may affect your dental health.

Recent data from American Dental Association revealed that stress had caused teeth-related problems in patients since before the pandemic. However, dentists noticed that more patients were being seen for grinding their teeth after the pandemic began, a sign of increased tension and stress. 

Damage to Blood Vessels

Covid-19 also disrupts the flow of blood in the body. Your body needs blood to flow to specific places to perform essential functions. Without adequate blood flow, the part starts to decay, which can also happen to our gums. Gums have numerous blood vessels. When blood does not flow to your gums, you may notice countless dental problems starting to arise.

Poor blood flow to the gums will lead to tooth decay and other diseases. 

Reduce the Stress and Visit Us

Covid-19 may affect your dental health, depending on your body’s response to the virus. For one, the virus has caused an increased stress level, increasing the grinding of teeth and other reactions. Also, vasculature damage may affect your gums, resulting in dental problems. If you have concerns regarding Covid-19 and your teeth, please schedule an appointment with one of our excellent providers.