Category: Dental Hygiene

Do You Really Need Mouthwash?

July 29, 2022

When you think of mouthwash or an oral rinse, you might imagine blue clear liquid in a clear bottle that burns your nose hair, and tongue when you swish it […]

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girl using mouthwash

Can Covid-19 Affect Your Dental Health?

December 21, 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many studies have linked the virus to numerous conditions affecting our health. Recently, there have been studies associating dental problems with Covid-19. For people prioritizing their oral […]

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woman in mask

5 Benefits of Flossing

March 31, 2021

We know that flossing your teeth every day can seem like an annoying, repetitive, and unnecessary task. But flossing at least once a day actually has countless amount of benefits […]

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Woman holding up floss

6 Gift Ideas for Your Oral Health

December 23, 2020

Last-minute shopping is really stressful, we’ve all been there. So we’re here to help! It may not seem like the most exciting gift, but your loved ones might really enjoy […]

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Dental instruments for the holidays