Everything You Need to Know This Root Canal Awareness Week

May 8, 2018

Not a checkup again. Cropped closeup of a scared young woman refusing to get dental examinationMay 6th to May 12th is Root Canal Awareness Week, and this week, we’re working to dispel the root canal pain myth.

Many Americans are nervous about root canals because they’re afraid of the alleged pain. Yet, does it comfort you to know that most people that have had root canals report that they’ve actually helped alleviate pain?

Signs You Need A Root Canal

Common symptoms of an infected tooth include severe pain when putting pressure on a tooth (like when eating), painful bumps on the gums surrounding the tooth, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. Many people will suffer through this severe pain, but won’t get a root canal to redress the issue and end their pain.

During the root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the infected pulp from the tooth, clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth, and seal the tooth back up. Best of all? Having a root canal prevents your teeth from needing to be pulled (yikes!), so you get to keep your natural tooth.

Ready For A Root Canal?

Have you decided to face your fears? A simple root canal can make a world’s difference in reducing or completely eliminating pain. Have any questions? Call our office at 970-233-8933 to schedule your appointment today!