How to Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports

June 28, 2021

little boy with a mouthguardDid you know that, according to Colgate, approximately 15 million Americans experience some type of sports-related dental injury each year? High-impact sports put us at risk for falls, hits, bangs, and bashes. Unfortunately, it only takes one hit or fall to cause permanent damage to your teeth, or to even have them fall out!

Luckily, there are a few ways to protect your smile while still enjoying sports.

Mouth Guards

Yes, they’re not the most attractive or the most fun to wear, but they’re worth it when it comes to protecting your teeth. If you’re involved in a sport that includes projectiles like volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, or even soccer, your dentist will recommend that you wear a mouth guard. These guards shield your teeth from potential blows and cushion any potential impacts.


Another piece of safety equipment that people avoid wearing because they find it unattractive–helmets. Helmets are irreplaceable when it comes to protecting your skull and your smile. Even the smallest fall can cause injury to your jaw and even result in missing teeth. If your passion is mountain or dirt-biking, your dentist may even recommend wearing a mouth guard in addition to your helmet to ensure extra protection.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that only 50% of children wear helmets when they bike! Protect not only your smile but the rest of your head each time you get on your bike.

The Professionals Know Best

If you’re partaking in any sport or physical activity and have further questions, College Ave Modern Dental is here to help. We can help decide the best protective wear for you. Contact us today to make an appointment!