Dentures in Fort Collins, CO

You Should Feel Comfortable in Your Dentures


Over time, it’s likely that you’ll need to repair or replace your dentures to maintain a comfortable and secure fit. Our mouths change with age, so you can expect to need a new set every 3-8 years.

Whether you’re getting fitted for the first time or you just need a new set, there are two major types of dentures to choose from. Your need for one over the other depends on the state of your natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

Full Denture

Complete dentures use suction to hold themselves securely to your gums. They work best for patients missing all or most teeth, or those with large gaps on the upper and lower.

Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Denture

Partial dentures work best for those missing only a couple teeth. The appliance is held in place by suspending itself over your existing teeth. The methods hides any gaps.


Get Your Best Fitting Dentures

At College Ave Modern Dental, our experienced team can help you find the right fit so that your dentures are always secure and comfortable. Our team of in-house specialists includes cosmetics dentists and an endodontist. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 970-233-8933.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear dentures 24/7?

No, you should not wear dentures 24/7. Wearing dentures all the time encourages bone loss and bacterial growth. Dentures also need to be wet, which is why they shouldn’t sit in your dry mouth overnight.

How do you clean dentures?

To clean dentures, use dishwashing liquid and a special toothbrush every other day. They also should be soaked every night in a denture cleaning solution. Do not use normal toothpaste to clean your dentures as this will damage them.

How painful is getting dentures?

When first fitted with new dentures, you might experience some minor irritation that will fade over time. If you’ve had teeth removed prior to getting dentures, that area might be uncomfortable for a few weeks after. Remember to schedule regular visits with your College Ave Modern Dental dentist to make sure your dentures fit properly.

What are the best dentures to get?

The best dentures to get varies on your needs. To replace all teeth, you can get complete dentures. To replace just a few teeth, partial dentures are a good option. Stability can be added to both dentures through dental implants too.

What types of dentures do you offer?

We offer complete and partial dentures to our patients. Complete dentures suction to your gums and are for those that are missing all or most of their teeth. Partial dentures are for those missing only a couple of teeth.